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In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized the human right to water and sanitation. Anidaso provides water wells for remote villages, thereby eliminating the long and dangerous task of fetching water from dirty surface pools and creating more time for education and family.

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Healthcare is fundamental to ending poverty and inequality. Anidaso is working to offset the costs of medication, treatment, hospital stays, and recovery. Anidaso has held women's health fairs to educate women on the importance of self-breast examinations.

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Every child has the right to an education.  We have witnessed children determined to learn despite a lack of resources. We are working on their behalf to expand access to quality education by providing every component necessary including tuition if needed.

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A water well provides a village with freedom from the long daily dangerous task of fetching water from dirty surface pools. The average woman in rural Africa walks nearly four miles every day hauling 40 pounds of water. Women and girls spend an estimated 200 million hours hauling water every year. A water well provides more time for education and family.

Every day across the globe, more than 800 children under five-years-old die from diarrhea attributed to poor water and disease. In Ghana alone, an estimated 40% of the population relies on surface pools to meet their daily water needs. This water frequently contains life-threatening parasites and high microbial content that can cause life-threatening illnesses. The importance of a simple water well to a village can change a community for years to come.


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In Ghana, breast cancer is the leading malignancy. An estimated 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Ghana are in the advanced stages of the disease. The treatment options are limited and many women will die needlessly from the disease.

We work with rural villages to provide water wells that are used as a teaching base for the importance of monthly self-breast exams. Some of the water wells have attached metal plates with instructions on how to do a self-breast examination. Education is imperative for these women. We are working with hospitals to provide equipment and medical personnel to diagnose and treat women before the disease becomes life-threatening. Support from individuals like you is critical to assist in diagnosis and treatment in these communities.



There is widespread concern about the quality of education at all levels in many areas of our world. We have witnessed children in Ghana with such a strong desire to learn that they will show up to class despite the facility's condition or lack of materials. They yearn for an education that will allow them to dream beyond the reality of their daily lives. Schools in these areas lack basic educational books and supplies. Schools are often also without toilets and drinking water.

Anidaso provides children with school materials, lunches, educational technology, and tuition that will allow them to soar. Obtaining an education will allow the to give back to their community and the world.


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